Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Irish partly explained
Irish Jansenism ...seems to have been responsible for building up the "lace curtain Irish" mentality which is one of the more positive stereotypes about the Irish. Its faults and its virtues were practically the same. It was puritanical, devoutly if somewhat illiterately Catholic, upwardly mobile, obsessed with respectability, and, for better or worse, it was the backbone of Catholicism in the English-speaking world. Those who hanker for the American Roman Catholicism of the 1950s are essentially hankering after the American version of the lace curtain Irish and their religion. BTW, that isn't a criticism. Given the morality, order, devoutness, and discipline of that culture to return to it, and iron out it imperfections might be no bad way of improving our society.
- Fr Peter Robinson

Not really this blog’s brand of culture but he has a point.

Thomas Day goes more in depth.

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