Tuesday, March 22, 2005

LRC pick
Patriotic extortion
By Dr Ron Paul, member of Congress
$656 million for tsunami relief.
Sounds good but Dr Paul explains why private charity makes it unnecessary.

Why is flooding in Sri Lanka or Thailand more important than flooding in Wharton, Victoria, or Galveston, Texas?
Race has nothing to do with it. A government’s first obligation is to its own citizens, which is why it exists.

$76 million to build a new airport in Kuwait, one of the wealthiest countries on earth.
Speaks for itself.

$200 million in economic aid for the Palestinians
Sounds good but the principle above stands and it’s also hypocritical because the US still supports the Zionist state in Palestine.

$150 million for Pakistan, which is run by an unelected dictator
Hey, wasn’t that one of the excuses for invading Iraq?

$34 million for Ukraine, where the U.S. already intervened in last year’s elections using your tax dollars.
Wrong even if Mr Yushchenko was the better man.

Ukraine recently repaid our generosity by dumping the U.S. dollar and adopting an exchange rate that includes the Euro.
Whatever one thinks about the euro that seems to make sense as the Ukraine is part of Europe. Mr Y also is pulling Ukrainian troops out of Iraq, слава Богу.

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