Thursday, March 31, 2005

LRC picks
On government debt
Are conservatives naïve or just plain stupid?
Or simply liars?

Reason to miss second-term Clinton

The sad fact is that conservatives have no problem with trillion-dollar budgets as long as they are in charge of the government just like they have no problem with war as long it is their war. The fact that conservatives would have crucified Clinton if it was his trillion-dollar budget and his war shows that they are hypocrites without a shred of integrity.
And consumer debt
In the UK, the US and Canada: a time-bomb as Lord Griffiths wrote

The US global masquerade
Neoconservative ideologues resolve this tension [between what they say and what they do] by interjecting the idea of "American exceptionalism." Since America is the upholder of the ideals of freedom and democracy, then, by definition, whatever it does to spread liberty abroad, including the use of military force, should be blessed by all people of goodwill everywhere.
Rather like the Marxist notion of the blamelessness of historically oppressed races, giving a free pass to people like Robert Mugabe and the Wichita-massacre killers

A neurologist describes Terri Schiavo’s suffering

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