Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Scott Peterson sentenced to death
That’s just even though I am a 99 per cent disbeliever in the death penalty. Some crimes forfeit one’s right to live and Laci’s and Conner’s murders are among them. The judge could have chosen life in prison instead but didn’t have to.

Laci's mother, Sharon Rocha, sobbed and trembled from a podium as she lashed out at her former son-in-law. Scott Peterson stared back at her without emotion.

"You decided to throw Laci and Conner away, dispose of them like they were just a piece of garbage," she said. "You were wrong; dead wrong."
Don’t you listen to NARAL like the intelligentsia tell you to, Mrs Rocha? The poor boy was only exercising his right to choose, you know — he just took it to the max.

As I understand it, the law at least in some places says women can do this without the father’s OK.

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