Monday, March 21, 2005

A Terri Schiavo overview
It’s no surprise that Michael Schiavo is using the same arguments as the pro-abortion people (keep your laws off the body of the inconvenient person I want to torture and kill). Mr Bush is throwing the red-staters a bone (while of course it’s right to try to stop this atrocity) but characteristically is trying to use big-government means to do so, going against both real conservative praxis and hypocritically against his anti-life policy in Iraq (as the world duly notes). And meanwhile the pro-murder people are making libertarian noises about the matter: states’ rights etc. Of course the libertarian argument doesn’t work here: the creepy people* who want the right to suicide have the right to be wrong but what’s going on here is one person trying to harm another, which logically should be covered by laws against abuse and murder.

As an acquaintance who is a scientist has pointed out, this is really to do with the hesitation and hypocrisy of Mr Schiavo and his supporters: they want Terri dead but don’t want to, like, you know, kill her, so they’re starving her instead. How merciful. If one is going to sin that way be consistent and euthanize (which is still wrong of course).

*I’ve heard a Hemlock Society speaker in person. Scary.

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