Sunday, March 27, 2005

Zimbabwe: Archbishop Pius Ncube stands up to racist thug Robert Mugabe
Wow, the liberals were right: favouring the black race really did get rid of the evils in that society!

Just like in religion:

Fun with spam
You can be in the Lamb’s Book of Life... for about $50!
Is You’re [sic] Name Recorded?

You can now, have your name recorded in the “Lambs Book Of Life”.

The first ever printing of the “Lambs Book Of Life” will take place after we receive 144000 names to be printed. We have all read the Bible and seen the signs posted, saying, “ Is your name recorded in the Lambs Book Of Life”? Well now you can make sure it is.

Old South Ministries has launched a new campaign to gather as many people as possible for the purpose of this publication. The book, the “Lambs Book Of Life” will be professionally and elegantly produced for public display. This will be something you will want to show friends and family. Show others that your name is recorded in the “Book.”

This is another form of publicizing your faith and displaying the fact that you are a Christian. You can include you name or your whole family or your whole church family.

One name only and to receive verification of your recorded name $ 49.95

One name only and to receive the printed “Lambs Book Of Life” $249.95
Yes, breaking with the Catholic faith purged corruption from Christian practice once and for all! You sure showed us.

This is obviously just sacrilegious marketing but it does reek of ‘once saved, always saved’ or ‘eternal assurance’, a heresy from Calvinism that some Protestants believe in.

Once got solicited for something like this 20 years ago by somebody claiming to compile and sell a Who’s Who of ‘Outstanding College Students’ to you, lucky you, who have been chosen as one (by whom?). The outfit selling the costly, worthless things had a fake Latin motto, misspelt, which was a fitting ‘tell’/giveaway. Paul Fussell would have lots to say about all that!

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