Wednesday, April 13, 2005

From blog member Samer al-Batal
And three whitewashes later:

Bush rewards his failures
By Eric Margolis

The report [of a US presidential commission] called Iraq "one of the most damaging intelligence failures in recent American history."

But, amazingly, the whitewash committee found no one responsible for this disaster. Victory has a hundred fathers; defeat is an orphan.
From The Remnant’s spiffing new site:

Did they love you, John Paul II?
By Christopher Ferrara
And it is precisely these contradictions the world now exploits in its great show of adulation for one Pope above all others. What Catholic would want to assist in the exploitation by failing to protest, as a Catholic should, that no Pope is utterly inerrant, and that not everything John Paul II said and did was in the best interest of the Church or a model for other popes to follow?

For 26 years the neo-Catholic establishment chanted: “John Paul II, we love you!” But did they love the Pope as a Pope should be loved, in charity and in truth, being willing, as St. Thomas teaches, to admonish even the Pope should the danger of scandal to the Faith arise? Or did they love instead the cult they themselves had built up around the man in sports stadiums and at the World Youth Days?

As he viewed the Pope lying in state in St. Peter’s Basilica during EWTN’s coverage, Marcus Grodi said that people must develop an appreciation not only for the Catholic faith, “but for the meaning of John Paul II.” When the person of a Pope is raised to the level of a “meaning” that is held to be something over and above the Faith itself, we are witnessing a process of papal deification that is foreign to our religion and must arouse in us no little fear of what is to come in the days ahead.
One of the two tents of the modern media circus, the other being the fatuous belief that the next Pope has the power to change whatever in faith or morals the secular world doesn’t like. A very Protestant tendency BTW: bend the church to approve what you’re doing. Backwards!

Troop withdrawals from Iraq

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