Thursday, April 21, 2005

From blog member Samer al-Batal
On the RC Church’s decline over the past decades and the last pontificate
By Pat Buchanan

The latest feature online from The Remnant:

Thoughts on the day after
Michael Davies on now-Pope Benedict XVI:

Some years ago, the late Michael Davies approached me with an odd request. He asked me to stop publishing criticisms of Cardinal Ratzinger in The Remnant. He acknowledged that the Cardinal had positions which were problematic to traditionalists, but nevertheless asked that we consider moving away from criticizing him publicly. It was Michael’s adamant contention that Cardinal Ratzinger would prove a great friend of tradition in the end. “He’s on our side, more than you know,” he assured me.
Once again, I’m hopeful.

As for his first sermon as Pope, I think that one shouldn’t take it for more than it was, a mix of politesse (showing politically obligatory respect for the last Pope) and pious rhetoric. A change literally overnight isn’t how the real world works. And if by ‘enact Vatican Council II’ all he means is restating the things it says that are true but already covered (better) in older church documents, supporting religious liberty as a relative good and continuing to talk to other Christians (especially of course the Christian East) and other religions (especially the fellow Abrahamic faiths of Judaism and Islam) then fine. One can support all of those things and be traditional liturgically and theologically. (If one is talking to the Christian East and taking it seriously I should think so!)

The lost art of speaking
By Joseph Sobran
Reminds one of the erosion of RP and the spread of Estuary, innit?

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