Wednesday, April 20, 2005

From David’s Daily Diversions
David Holford rightly rubbishes the Pope’s liberal critics

Speaking of whom, amidst African bishops welcoming the new Pope:

However, South Africa's Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu said he was sad that the new pope was unlikely to end the church's opposition to condoms.

He said this was more important than the fact that the Pope was not African.

"We would have hoped for someone more open to the more recent developments in the world, the whole question of the ministry of women and a more reasonable position with regards to condoms and HIV/Aids," Archbishop Tutu said.
Where can one start?

Well, opposition to apartheid originally was grounded in the Catholic faith — it’s what got Geoffrey Clayton and Trevor Huddleston started in the 1940s and 1950s (though the latter may have strayed a bit himself towards the end of his life). Essentially the English Anglicans there stood up to the Dutch Reformed Afrikaners’ government over the issue. (A slight acquaintance of mine, a priest, was expelled from South African-controlled Namibia in the 1960s over it.) Tutu claims Huddleston was his inspiration and mentor. With these fatuous remarks he shows himself not worthy to hold Huddleston’s mitre let alone wear it.

Squandering the moral capital of the history of opposing apartheid for some alleged ‘right’ to use condoms rather than practise the self-control expected of men of all colours also ironically is quite racist: ‘Have mercy, sir: the poor nig-nogs can’t help themselves!’

But given the intellectual legacy of Margaret Sanger it’s no surprise that the left, with their zeal for population control in the Third World, are really racists.

The Pope could no more ‘end the church’s opposition to condoms’ than he could change the direction of the earth’s rotation.


Dotty American nuns hold ‘pink smoke’ protest for women’s ordination
I understand that Chicago is a centre of such daftness. These people are like a caricature of everything that’s gone wrong among the RCs for 40 years.

But they’re old (I reckon the average age of this lot is in the 60s), they’re on their way out and perhaps with Benedict XVI in the Chair of Peter they realize they’ve lost.

I don’t see any extensive news coverage of this ceremony nor any webcam getting millions of hits in a day.

A suggested sub-headline for this story: ‘Nobody gives a sh*t’.

"The voice has been shackled. We can't even have a conversation about this," said Drina Nikolai, also of the ordination conference.
The metaphor has been mixed.

This person is Russian?! Стыдно!

Many believe that before women are ordained, the church will allow married men to become priests, Vatis reported.
Many haven’t been taught very well. The Roman Rite may well change over to the Orthodox discipline (not doctrine) on this as indeed it has for its few married deacons. (And that discipline is: a married man may be ordained to major orders but a man in major orders may not marry.) The former issue, however, is beyond anybody’s authority to change.

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