Friday, April 22, 2005

From Drake Adams
Behind the rage at Benedict XVI
The heathen make much ado: a good sign.

I think Pat Buchanan has got this right.

Then again, being cautious, I have in my library at home a dusty 25-year-old paperback titled John Paul II and the Catholic Restoration or some such: on the ground level where most of us are he didn’t deliver. It’s still mainline Protestantism, non-Anglo-Saxon-style.

At the very least, even if nothing changes in the parishes (they remain uninhabitable — salus animarum lex suprema), etc., this Pope will hold the line on Catholic principles just like the last one, only the liberal and secular critics will be more vicious to him as he is not young nor extroverted: he’s a mild-mannered, cat-loving, reserved German academic, not a TV star to alternately love and hate like they did the last one.

At the most:

The Pope celebrating the Roman Mass in Germany a few years ago

Hurrah for Benedict XVI!

From Fr Alvin Kimel
The halo of hatred

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