Tuesday, April 26, 2005

From The Latin Mass
Blessed Charles of Austria
Emperor for peace
After the war [World War I] he lost his throne to the infamously unjust peace settlement that eventually led to the Second World War.

He deeply respected the limits that Catholic moral principles imposed in the conduct of military operations. He was completely against unrestricted submarine warfare as practised on a large scale by the Germans because they frequently failed to distinguish between military and civilian targets. He resolutely opposed the bombing of cities and did everything possible to prevent the use of chemical weapons.

Blessed Karl sought peace first and foremost because of his devotion to Christian principles, not due to any notion of pacifism. His political savvy brought him to the realization that the continuation of hostilities would be fatal for the survival of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was convinced that both socialism and communism would find a propitious climate in countries torn by war and that in the ensuing chaos, different nationalistic tendencies would reignite and threaten the unity of the Austrian empire.

Blame for the disappearance of Austria-Hungary lay with the republican and anticlerical forces connected to Masonry that totally refused the peace proposals of the emperor.
- Fr Ignacio Barreiro

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