Friday, April 29, 2005

From truthout
Some health news:

Dentists no longer automatically pull wisdom teeth
Good — somebody tried to sell that to me nearly 20 years ago and I didn’t buy it

Girls on radical diets more likely to get fat
Seems like common sense. Stay in the state of grace and eat just about anything you want.

Chernobyl may blow again

Good news related to granola conservatism:

Eco-friendly living in Portland, Oregon

And on mental health:

We’re all a little mad
It’s just a matter of channelling it in ways both objectively good and that work for you

And on to other news:

Tenet admits Iraq WMD ‘slam-dunk’ comment ‘dumbest ever’

UK government’s secret memo on Iraq war

Which Mr Blair tried to hide

On Abu Ghraib, the big shots walk

Between Iraq and a hard place

US House passes bill: a minor pro-life victory
Which isn’t really pro-life (murder is still OK within state lines, and across them if the parents approve) but the pro-murder people (like TO themselves) are still upset

On the box
PBS’ ‘Now’ visits Gitmo, talks about Abu Ghraib

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