Monday, April 11, 2005

LRC picks
Régime change an immoral excuse for war
By Jacob Hornberger

The ‘good’ war
By Harry Browne

I’ve tried to keep the Pope entries to a minimum until the next one is chosen but LRC has some excellent articles today:

What the next Pope should do
Which Lew Rockwell wrote five years ago. He understands historic Catholicism’s view on Roman primacy as opposed to both the often clueless RC neocons who promote a personal cult/oracular view (‘So what if we worship like modern Methodists and the local clergy are as loopy as Spong? We’ve got the Pope so nyah!’) and the clueless liberals both churchly and secular who think the Pope can change faith and morals with a wave of his hand (‘the next Pope/this papabile might or might not allow women priests, birth control and gay marriage because he is or is not conservative’). The talking heads also don’t understand the difference between doctrine and discipline (allowing, or not, the priesting of married men is a man-made rule that can change).

Considering how annoying the narration of these events is, from the intrusive Archbishop John Foley to Katie Couric on US TV, perhaps it’s just as well that I didn’t try to watch the funeral and looked at the pictures of it in peace afterwards.

More from Sandro Magister on the former group and what it might want

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