Tuesday, April 19, 2005

LRC picks
Waco, Oklahoma City and the post-9/11 left-right dynamic
Some conservatives still condemn Waco all the while cheering on Iraq, where Waco has been happening every day since the invasion.
Women, wages and work
Of course I’m for fair play and equal pay for equal or equivalent work* but as I’ve learnt from LRC and elsewhere they may be sound business reasons for the slight gap between the sexes that are nothing to do with misogyny or any plot against women. As one conservative businessman wrote in his book, many women realize the corporate rat-race sucks (it does!) and drop out, something that only makes good business sense for employers to consider.

Of course I agree that if a woman has the talent and the inclination to pursue a career in something she should but there’s the other side: businesses and the consumer culture duping women into becoming still more wage-slaves (like many men are) with ‘quality of life’ at home suffering as a result.

Reminds me of the quotation from the writer and Catholic Dorothy L. Sayers that she wasn’t trying to answer the question whether women should go to university but simply said that she wanted to go! Something echoed by other smart women like my friend Byrd, a ‘techie’.

I saw this story on the BBC site earlier but forgot to blog it:

Viagra might have medicinal value
Like marijuana’s** relief of cancer patients’s chemo-induced suffering only better as this application might save lives!

*BTW the 19th-century women who worked to try to accomplish this were against abortion, rightly seeing it as a form of exploitation by dishonourable men. Just like the work world and consumer culture trap both sexes into ‘needing’ double the income to make ends meet, the contraception and abortion rhetoric disguises its exploitation as ‘empowerment’ for women. It’s really pig heaven for greedy companies and cads respectively.

**It may be old hat to say it now but marijuana laws are hypocritical.

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