Sunday, April 24, 2005

Matters liturgical
From Drake Adams

Sarum survivals and an attempted revival
The ‘Western Rite Orthodox’ who say they do Sarum (a minority of a minority) don’t really do Sarum in full but a cobbling together of Roman Rite (of which Sarum is a use) and various Book of Common Prayer elements and Byzantinizations

From friend John Treat
An example of an ‘English altar’
Fr Michael (Wood):

Nice, but for that odd baldacchino-type canopy. Quite unnecessary addition to an Altar with riddel posts in a reservation-dedicated chapel - the roof of which ought to be the canopy and appropriately decorated. But an English Altar with riddel posts ......with electric candles on them!!!!!!!

The real problem is that the "Lady Chapel" was originally the equivalent to the eastern
proskomedia (жертвенникъ) - a table of preparation of the elements of the Sacrifice - and a place of reservation. It was not intended as an Altar for celebration.

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