Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More good things about the Pope
• He has celebrated the Roman Mass since the indult began in 1984 (photo).
• He’s said to be well disposed towards the Anglican Use, which, though perhaps not as good as the Roman Mass, would be, if de-ICEL’d (and changed from a bait-and-switch/Potemkin-village operation to something with a chance to last), a good option throughout the English-speaking world. The ceremonial resembles the Roman Mass’s and if you add the King James Bible to Cranmer’s Prayer Book (less the Protestant Black Rubric and the Articles of Religion) and classic hymns you’ve got much of the history of Christianity in English.

Reasons to keep one’s optimism cautious
Perhaps cynicism comes a little too easily to this disgruntled trad. It's just that RC conservatives and traditionalists have had the rug pulled out from under their feet so many times...
- Joseph Oliveri

Also, ‘the Rhine flows into the Tiber’:

Once burned twice shy. Besides, Cardinal Ratzinger was a peritus at Vatican II of a German bishop. Those Krauts were the ones who upended the Council's [original, conservative] schemata.
- Jim Coffey

Yes, but based on the quotations I blogged earlier today and his reputation by the 1980s he may have changed his mind.

I’m still hopeful.

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