Thursday, April 21, 2005

On the box
‘Revelations’ revisited
On seeing the second instalment I’ve now got it sussed: it largely copies ‘The X-Files’ with a Da Vinci Code overlay of good old lurid Anglo-American Protestant anti-Catholic fiction and Gnosticism/New Agery.

You see, Scully and Mulder, er, Pretty Nun and Beefy Brooding Sceptical Scientist (that chap who played the macho US president in Independence Day) are encountering bizarre supernatural forces that only they and their enlightened friends understand and are battling a big evil bureaucracy threatened by them. Standing in for the US government (why, oh, why didn’t people remember this fable when Mr Bush’s handlers started taking away freedoms and invading countries?) is... duh, duh, dumm, the Roman Catholic Church.

NBC seems to like the production values (the visuals) of the church which makes its anti-Catholicism a little less obvious but apparently Pretty Nun’s order are dissenters not liked by Rome (even though the non-hot nuns, that is, everybody except Pretty, wear proper habits) because they are mavericks like David Duchovny’s ‘Spooky’ Mulder searching for the hidden truth!

The big bad church is threatened, you see, because (as a minor-character nun dramatically says) ‘now Jesus is no longer in heaven but on earth’ (again, a risible theological clanger) so perhaps the big bad church’s services are no longer needed.

(You see, Cletus, ah toldja: them papists are tryin’ to keep people from Jeeeezus.)

‘The End Is Here’ = ‘The Truth Is Out There’.

Actually the sceptical doctor and believer roles are reversed between the sexes so never mind; it’s entirely different!

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