Sunday, April 17, 2005

Bush to Sharon: Whoa!
Whatever their motives and though they may not go far enough it looks like I’ve got to give Mr Bush’s handlers some credit for trying to stop Israeli expansion at the expense of the Palestinians.

UN condemns Israeli settlements

Incidentally on the box last night I caught much of Leon Uris’/Otto Preminger’s sprawling (nearly three hours!) 1960 propaganda piece Exodus with the then-hot Eva Marie Saint, Sir Ralph Richardson, Sal Mineo (doing some fine acting) and of course Paul Newman as a strangely American-sounding sabra (Jew born in Palestine).

As Leonard Maltin points out the minor characters are largely stereotypes (including likeable ones) but it was nice to catch a glimpse of an Eastern Christian service and see a Russian Jewish character (the Paul Newman character’s uncle) with a samovar and drinking his tea in a glass the Russian way.

For the real story of the founding of Israel listen to Dr Naim Ateek if you get a chance. He lived it.

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