Thursday, April 14, 2005

How upside down it is for those who deny the teaching office of the Papacy to try and bully the same office into changing what it teaches? I have heard reporters and liberal "Catholics" tell me that the Pope is not infallible, that he holds opinions that are his own and they their own. [The man, as a man, is fallible and regarding opinion that’s entirely correct but that’s not what they really mean.] In the next breath, they insist that the Pope needs to change Catholic dogma to conform with the liberal point of view. Well, come on, kiddos: if he has no power, why do you need him to make an offical change in his teachings?
- A curmudgeonly priest who uses only the Roman Mass

Because it’s a Protestant habit, perhaps got from the larger culture when RCs try to do it, to try to bend the church to approve whatever naughty thing you want to do.

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