Wednesday, April 20, 2005

truthout picks
Here, truthout just doesn’t get it
Mr Kerry is an excommunicate but 1) that’s nothing to do with his potential as a US president and 2) anti-abortion doesn’t automatically mean pro-Bush. See yesterday’s entry of quotations from the Pope for some proof of this.

Then again TO’s writers are wrong about this issue in general:

Kansas governor vetoes one bill, signs two
ISTM Gov. Sebelius is right about the first one — it OKs harassment by the government and the end doesn’t justify the means.

TO’s people like government spending except when it’s a well-intended attempt to stop the murder of American children apparently.

To turn round a valid criticism used by the liberals, you say you care so much about Iraqi children... what about the ones in Kansas?

The senseless death of the woman who fought George Bush
Though a good libertarian can question whether asking for government aid was a good thing, considering the similarity of how they died, Marla Ruzicka may well be in the same part of heaven as Margaret Hassan.

America’s secret tally of Iraqi civilian deaths

US soldiers’ wish-lists of torture tactics

Lord, in Thy mercy: hear our prayer.

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