Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The apostolic ministry in action: Patriarch Alexis II amidst his flock in the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Kremlin, Moscow

Eastern churches
From Fr Michael (Wood)

Church of Russia celebrates feast of SS. Cyril and Methodius today in Moscow
Съ праздникомъ! Liturgical splendour from a marvellous site in Russian. The saints are famous for evangelizing what are now the Czech Republic and Slovakia, taking the common Slavonic language at the time* and giving it a grammar and the Glagolitic alphabet to make Bibles and liturgical books (approved by the Pope at the time). Glagolitic is what Russian looks like to people who don’t know Russian — the Greek-based Cyrillic letters (like Russian uses today) were invented later. Slavonic is still roughly intelligible with Russian, about like Chaucer is to this. The Latin of the Orthodox tradition for eastern Slavs.

*Which these Greeks knew because they were from Salonika, bordering what’s now Bulgaria.

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