Tuesday, May 31, 2005

From blog member John Boyden
English RCs use beer-mat ads in pubs to try to recruit new priests
They also say they’re going to have more lay-led services and even more parish churches that are lay-led, with the leaders living in the clergy house. The number of RC priests in the Archdiocese of Westminster (London) has dropped nearly by half since the 1970s. What I wonder is if this is mostly owing to the real vocations crisis, thanks to Vatican II and the larger culture in tandem, or the fake one on top of it manufactured by the liberals (as described by Michael Rose in Goodbye, Good Men: a selection process that deliberately weeds out orthodox and/or straight men) as an excuse to push for such services, which is both anti-sacerdotalist (anti-apostolic ministry and thus anti-Catholic) and ironically quite clericalist (not the authentic Catholic view) as this is used to sell the attempted ordination of women (such want power, not what the priesthood really means) to a badly catechized laity.

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