Monday, May 16, 2005

From blog member Samer al-Batal
Trigger-happy US troops ‘will keep us in Iraq for years’

Vatican ready to sacrifice Taiwan for Red China?

Women who have abortions again and again

S al-B: Predictably, it’s normally because of ‘lifestyle’ reasons, rather than medical ones.

It was revealed that one woman from London had six abortions in just 12 months
S al-B: That sounds off the wall, even to me.

The end to an Italian Pentecost tradition: the palombella
Actually I can understand why it should end

And for Whitsuntide:

From Katolik Shinja
Litaniæ de Sancto Spiritu

Yesterday in the Byzantine Rite was the Feast of the Myrrh-Bearing Women (the women who visited Our Lord’s tomb and were the first to learn of His Resurrection), the same liturgical day when I went to a church and service in this rite for the first time 20 years ago! Съ праздникомъ.

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