Monday, May 30, 2005

From Fr Joseph Huneycutt
Monument to St Paul unveiled in Damascus
The home of our own Samer al-Batal. The outdoor statue, by a Russian, was approved jointly by the Russian and Antiochian Orthodox, in the patriarchal see of the latter.

The English (and one Welshman) propose a compromise about Anglican priests with boyfriends
Does ++Cantuar think the still-Christian Global South will buy this?

Better to handle this in the time-honoured way: uphold the faith in principle and in practice but even those who don’t practise it at home at least have to continue to preach it. (So no naff ‘commitment ceremony’, certainly not in church!) A ‘tolerant conservatism’ as somebody online recently described it. Secular people may call it hypocritical but even hypocrisy is vice’s acknowledgement of virtue and in this case works for the common good. Better a millstone round one’s neck than to cause scandal or other sins.

The last thing any of the homosexuals I know and respect (even one or two who are wrong about these issues) want is rainbow flag-waving idiocy in church.

BTW, ‘celibate’ doesn’t mean ‘not having sex’; it means ‘not married’.

Historically when Catholics sin* they don’t try to bend the church to bless what they’re doing as good; they know better. Trying to do that is horribly Protestant.

*One of those paradoxes: sinless (infallible) church, sinful people in it.

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