Thursday, May 19, 2005

From new blog visitor Mike Banigan
An old friend I first met 24 years ago! And a WND fan:

WorldNetDaily tries to make a parallel to excuse the Koran incident at Gitmo
And doesn’t make it: one can’t excuse what the soldiers did* but it was quite a different context.

• They didn’t trash the Bible to deliberately spite the Orthodox priests: they probably simply needed toilet paper! Suppose you’re in the lav and haven’t got a roll and all you’ve got is a book that has no religious meaning to you, the equivalent (to you) of a Danielle Steel novel... (the Russians haven’t got Charmin — they often use newsprint!)
• I’m not sure you can entirely blame Islam as after all Christians, though dhimmi (second-class) in the Muslims’ worldview, are also ‘People of the Book’ to them.
• They weren’t torturing the priests.
• The pro-Bush, Moonie-owned Washington Times might be less than objective.

P.S. Remember when the Americans bombed Monte Cassino?

*I wouldn’t do that to a Koran but wouldn’t kiss it like the Gospels either (here are some reasons why not — never mind the anti-RC junk on that page) as apparently Pope John Paul II once infamously made the mistake of doing.

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