Wednesday, May 18, 2005

From truthout
The dark side of al-Islam
‘Honour killings’ of women. Should the Muslims follow the faith of Abraham to its true source, convert and be rid of such? Of course. Should the US government attack and invade Muslim countries (including those run by indifferent/bad Muslims where Christians were free, such as Baathist Iraq)? Absolutely not.

10,000 steps a day help keep middle-aged women healthy and looking good
Sounds like a lot of bloody work! But one good thing about cultural changes and medical and technological advances in the past 40 years is that many people are fitter and better-looking longer than before: 50 for example isn’t really old anymore and that’s great.

Using mobile phones in rural areas trebles cancer risk
Makes me glad to be backward in this case, not on board the mobile craze

Corporate America pulling back pension safety net
As I wrote about United Air Lines:

Sins crying out to heaven for vengeance... defrauding the worker of his wages.
- The Catholic faith

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