Thursday, May 19, 2005

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US government, stop lecturing Russia and China
You are hypocrites

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Forced sterilization
The whole thing began not with the Nazis but with... New England Progressivism.

If the neocons had done Waco it’d be called Operation Davidian Freedom, quips Anthony Gregory. (Remember when so-called conservatives used Waco as an example to fear the government?)

To neocons, is Darth Vader the real hero of Star Wars?
After all, he offers the universe order! (Yes, I’m a geek and can quote character, chapter and verse from ‘Star Trek’ where I first heard a version of that line. Can you? Hint: Capt. Kirk famously shouts his name in one of the movies — search this blog and you’ll find a link to a funny animated bit of him so doing.)

At college, Luke Miller, now a sound Anglo-Catholic priest, argued that American science fiction is anti-empire as in anti-British and used Star Wars as a famous example. Maybe not.

I might see Revenge of the Sith; I understand it’s getting rave reviews.

Their love for the state, its wars, and its military is not only sickening--it is as far from the New Testament as is the Koran that they want to flush.
Which reminds me of something Daithí Mac Lochlainn sent me:

Don’t receive Communion and then have breakfast with Bush

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