Saturday, May 07, 2005

LRC picks
How the Clintons’ liberalism was really misogyny
He was no saint but no matter: boxed in by the right people at least since 1994 he was a serviceable conservative president

How to handle a bully
Sabine Barnhart on growing up in Catholic Germany
For the most part people can solve their problems on their own without having to get authorities involved. At least in smaller communities it seems to be that way. If parents can reprimand their children by teaching them what is right and wrong, it is only common sense that adults should be able to settle their matters in their small communities on their own. Today’s small communities only need Opas [grandfathers] again, the elders, to oversee the process, because they used to carry the most respect when it came to the facts of life; they have lived it the longest.
Lincoln effectively destroyed the Constitution
By Joseph Sobran
If the Union were still voluntary, the Supreme Court wouldn’t dare, for example, to strike down the abortion laws of all 50 states, because many of those states would have seceded immediately after such an outrageous usurpation of their power.
The outrage that is ‘sports welfare’

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