Monday, May 23, 2005

LRC picks
The old republic has been swept away
On Star Wars and its real-life precedents in American history

Some online have slagged me for making these parallels (it seems to have pissed off the RC neocons which isn’t necessarily bad) though I am far from the first or only one to make them. (The people at Cannes seem good company.) I answered one person thus:

As you are a writer and poet of course you know that 1) in fallen human nature there really is nothing new under the sun and 2) great literature ... deals with those timeless themes, which is why somebody in 2005 watching something written in 1970-something will see the present!
And why a story obviously based on ancient Rome resonates today.

The US education system: institutional anti-kid-ism
This might be of interest to friend of the blog David Holford, a teacher in the UK

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