Tuesday, May 24, 2005

LRC picks
Spyware/adware, begone!
Slightly old news but still helpful. To find out more, search in this blog! In it (search using ‘kill2me’) you’ll find a link to freeware that kills the most persistent of these pests I’ve come across, look2me.

About the only time I’m bothered by pop-ups at home (I use Panicware Pop-Up Stopper, which works beautifully) is when I check page stats with Nedstat.

The only real problem I’ve come across lately has been with spam because I sent a few e-mails not through the Web (even using the ubiquitous and apparently less than secure Explorer this isn’t a problem) but through Outlook, also the favourite gateway of viruses. In the past couple of days my account, usually clean as Cliff Richard, has had a couple of unsavoury mass e-mails get through.

Yahoo’s free e-mail service, also Web-based and with a whole gigabyte of storage space, is also blessedly nearly spam-free.

More on the latest Star Wars (articles one and two)

Return of the body count

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