Friday, May 20, 2005

New blogs
Philly Catholic
From good friend of the blog Lauda Jerusalem Dominum, a smart Catholic fellow who’s unlike most ‘Fluffya Catlic’* RCs I’ve met.

He’s also a member of this one:

Glory of the Olives
Which has these from member Paul:

ET go home
On the science-fictiony beliefs of some atheists

Reversion to savagery
How falling away from the faith caused the unique, magnified horror of modern war — the rebuttal to ‘Christianity caused most of the violence in Western history’. Quite the opposite.

*This culture is sometimes described as ‘conservative’ but it is definitely not traditionalist in religion or even its worldview really. Just complacent and parochial and shot through with a big dose of AmChurch-manship. (Or partly why, besides clannishness and other unfriendliness, ‘What parish are youse from?’ isn’t charming anymore.) Basically ageing liberal baby-boomers and older in charge telling the elderly working-class parishioners what to do, with a number of youngish (maybe not so anymore) folk who are EWTN-type neocons. None of whom would accept or even recognize Mass-and-office Catholicism if it jumped up and bit them. (And the part of that faith which is the Christian East simply ain’t on their radar as they might put it.) The parish church one block from home is like stepping back in time though — to the 1970s!

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