Saturday, May 14, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI
The Perennial Rambler
Santo subito?
To be fair, starting the process now doesn’t mean he’ll be beatified or canonized (the BBC had a false start yesterday with a misleading headline that was quickly corrected, ‘John Paul to be beatified’) but I essentially agree that this seems a cheap publicity stunt, a media-fuelled* cultus too much like Princess Diana’s and something foreign to the caution and sobriety on such matters of authentic traditionalism, which even though it celebrates miracles is ever careful to reject hoaxes and spiritual delusion (enthusiasm in the Ronald Knox sense).

Much of this emotion seems to come from people for whom tradition began around 1970.

He may be a saint (deserving some credit for the fall of Communism) but all this seems hasty.

*Different from the local popular veneration and acclamation of holy and wonder-working saints in ancient times and known in the Orthodox tradition (for example, the Russian St Herman of Alaska, unknown to most for decades except the Aleuts).

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