Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What I’m listening to (thanks to KaZaA)
‘Molly’s Chamber’ by Kings of Leon
Ooh, I feel so hip! Of course I’m not but as a friend said, we know cool when we see it. The obvious signs here that I’m not are that this song is two years old and, like a lot of people my age whom I imagine are the real target market for this soft sell, I just heard it in that cute VW Jetta ad with the jumping, dancing couple.

It’s catchy with some guitar fireworks but like the Doors and Johnny Cash (both great) not a real melody and a mumbling, sullen lead vocal about a classic pop theme (read the lyrics here): a guy complaining about a girl, some evil woman who’s trapped him using the most effective means*, described with a metaphor anybody who’s heard the name Freud will get.

(Somehow I don’t think it’s about the hobby of gun-collecting.)

Maybe it’s because I’m unhip, not part of ‘tribal youth culture’ as Drake Adams has called it, that I care about what songs mean.

So I wondered what on earth an anti-woman grumble was doing in a cheery car commercial that in its way celebrates romance, a relationship.

There is the line ‘You want it’ implying the car is the ‘she’ who’s got what you want...

(So if you buy the car will you end up resenting VW as much as this guy hates Molly?)

Did the song choice have anything to do with the content or was it just because it’s got a great beat to stomp on the floor to?

Do the No. 1 ‘consumers’ of this music care what it says?

*Mediæval people disagreed: money can buy that!

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