Monday, June 20, 2005

To yesterday’s horrific news about the death by torture of a schizophrenic girl in Romania. This writer, apparently Romanian, says that the people who did it weren’t really in good standing with the local Orthodox diocese. So why did the bishop send a representative to have a service there? Anyway, if any of this is true, FWIW these either evil or stupid people have flunked Catholic Ecclesiology 101.

Monk, four nuns indicted
They could be sentenced up to 25 years in prison, I should think without parole. He did the funeral for the girl he killed (!) after being suspended as a priest: see the last sentence of the paragraph above.

Maybe this is what Marian was talking about:

Nuns yelled at a vicar who had come to suspend Corogeanu on Sunday, and scuffles broke out, N24 reported. Riot police intervened and order was restored, the television station reported.
As I was saying.

May the angels lead you into paradise, Maricica — far, far away from these people.

Jesu, mercy; Mary, pray.

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