Wednesday, June 29, 2005

From The American Conservative via LRC
How they get away with it
Or why, even though I don’t know anybody in person (only about two I used to know) who supports it, there’s no huge ’60s-style protest of this war

In short:

• No draft (conscription), so the upper and middle classes don’t care.
• The economy is worse now, so people haven’t got the luxury of ‘dropping out’ anymore.
• Neoconservatism changed Jewish activism.
• Many American evangelicals accepted a kind of fascism/militarism as they reacted against the late 1960s and turned into the Protestant religious right. Though the notion of the military as a bulwark of old-fashioned morals seems laughable to many who’ve been in the service or even been near a base or a navy port of call (prostitution, etc.).

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