Thursday, June 23, 2005

Straw: British troops out of Iraq ‘as quickly as possible’
But he’s hedging his bets:

but only plans to do so when it is sure Iraqi forces can cope with the security threat
Right, the security threat that you created.

Straw's comments on British troop withdrawals came two days after a top US commander said that the United States will start to pull its forces out by next March.
Promises, promises.

"There have been abuses, which appallingly have taken place within the US field of command and in the United Kingdom's, and we're ashamed of that," he said.
Variation on the old passive-voice dodge ‘mistakes were made’. Hey, I think I’ll try that if I ever get pulled over for a traffic matter again. If so I’ll report here on how well it worked.

On Britain's plans, he declined to speculate on dates.

"We want to see our troops being able to leave as quickly as possible. But we have a responsibility to the Iraqi people which is to ensure that, as we leave, they are able to take over full responsibility for their own security."
Reminds me of what an HM Government official said about ‘an acceptable level of violence’ in Northern Ireland, or as P.J. O’Rourke put it, the British trying to be British about that.

My guess is they (the US and the small British force) will eventually Vietnamize, er, Iraqize and pull out and you’ll have Saigon in 1975, turning into Tehran in 1979... only this time it’s like the US turned on the Shah and paved the way for the Ayatollah.

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