Sunday, June 26, 2005

From Civitas Dei
How do you tell if people are Catholics or not?
Fr Anthony Chadwick’s version of What I believe, in his blog, Ramblings of an Unchurched Cleric. Please note the new URL for his site.

Fr C adds, answering somebody in the official RC Church:

Quote: "For a Roman Catholic, and for anybody convinced of the truth of the RCC's teachings, long-term separation from the See of Peter IS NOT an available option."
In the absolute, I would agree with you, but between us little people and the See of Peter, there are the diocesan bishops and their bureaucracies. This separation is not an "available option" but something that has been forced on us. Some of us haven't much choice...

Let us pray that the Holy Father will be given the strength to reform the whole of the Roman Catholic Church -
ut omnes unum sint.

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