Wednesday, June 22, 2005

From the LRC blog
A flag as pseudo-religious icon (part II)
Charles, even the phrase "flag desecration" is redolent of state worship. The Tomb of the Unknown is a temple complete with mock religious ceremonies (even if it turned out to be the Tomb of the Known in one of the minor scandals of the Reagan administration). Mt. Rushmore mimics religious statuary in Luxor or Babylon. A Roman temple offers us Lincoln Best and Greatest on his fasces-encrusted throne. The Jefferson Memorial is a Greek temple. The Washington Monument is an Egyptian religious symbol. DC is strewn with these chilling edifices. And the Christian right, in the Yankee-Puritan tradition, regards the US state as God's chosen instrument on earth, and Bush as his prophet. This kid is simply a cruder version of the official view, which will have no other gods before DC.
- Lew Rockwell

US delaying trial of Saddam Hussein
It may never try him publicly because it has too many secrets about its past relationship with him that it doesn’t want to get out in a trial. I thought as much.

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