Monday, June 20, 2005

From Mere Comments
It’s so good that I used them twice today. This entry from Anthony Esolen deserves one all to itself here.

What the promoters of the attempted ordination of women don’t mean
But what in the end is a “position of authority in the Church,” if not a Cross? Does the bishop want to say, “We need to subject more women to enslavement—to the good of the flock they must help us lead; and to the dread hazard they run, the hazard of their own eternal loss, should they fail to preach the word, or should they fall adrowse at their watch and the wolf carry the sheep away. We see, in fact, that the sheep will not be led unless women lead them, publicly; and thus despite the hardships they will incur, the calumnies, the rejections, the fearful asceticism of unceasing prayer—and despite the indispensable work that faithful women already do in their homes and in their neighborhoods—we must draft women into the officers’ ranks.” Nothing of the sort. He does not, in fact, have the good of the Body in mind; at most, only the good of a relatively small number of women who might be interested in the lieutenantcy. That is because he thinks, unconsciously no doubt, of the Church as an arena for personal fulfillment, for power, for a fine career. Thus the all-male priesthood strikes him as anachronistic, an embarrassment. He believes in it, but he cannot explain why.
They have no devotion to the Blessed Sacrament or interest in sharing the sacrificial office of Christ the One Priest (in himself) as the Catholic faith understands it either. It’s all about power with them — clericalism, which isn’t what it’s really about — being fought for in a kind of Marxist class struggle between the sexes (sounds about as naff as a ‘You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby’ keychain because it is) and not the complementarity between the sexes that the faith teaches.

Though to be fair as this blog always tries to be, as friends Paul Goings and John Treat point out a lot of the Episcopalians who go in for this simply don’t know better. They’ve been told that they can do it so they do. I’m referring mainly to the ageing boomer RCs who push this stuff — people who were formed in the old ways and thus know better.

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