Thursday, June 30, 2005

LRC pick

Matt Taibbi on US military recruiting
With the perfect parody image for this blog to show during the US Independence Day weekend

Twenty years ago, the yacht-and-Lexus set went to its poor people and asked them nicely to stop taking those darned drugs. Faced with potentially calamitous army-recruitment shortages, it is now asking them nicely to get their balls blown off in Iraq. It's just as funny this time, only this time, the joke's on them.
Right, as I said yesterday referring to an American Conservative article got through LRC, as long as it’s ‘those people’ going over the yacht-and-Lexus set won’t care about the war or will keep supporting it.

If you don't want to take your chances with a two-year commitment, it now offers an 18-month gig, meaning you can go straight to war from basic training, skipping the traditional unit training that recruits used to go through before deployment. It is mulling a change in its policy of only accepting high school grads (the GED will soon be sufficient) and is reconsidering its traditional opposition to certain kinds of criminal histories.
But the back-door draft is already being used: it doesn’t matter when your contract supposedly ends because the government won’t honour it. Once you sign up, they own you. Own. (As some discharged people still technically in the reserve have also found out.)

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