Tuesday, June 14, 2005

LRC pick
The taser state
Thought of these issues recently as I saw on the TV the shameful spectacle of ‘Cops’, a show that LRC has written about. What’s wrong with it is that it conditions people to think that a police state — tasering a woman driver for example — is somehow normal. In the episode I saw a part of, a 15-year-old was hauled off to jail for fighting back when her mother assaulted her. (Having lived closer to people of this social class than I’d like — BTW both the TV people and my ex-neighbours are poor whites — I can understand being tempted to hit them but no matter.) The policeman explained that according to the law (which to be fair the cops only enforce, not interpret) the mother had the legal right to manhandle her (up to a point which he didn’t specify) as she’s underage. Within the letter of the law but still horrible. Dr James Dobson, while not perfect (Protestant and AFAIK pro-Bush), is often maligned by the MSM for advocating corporal punishment when necessary. Well, guess what? Dobson’s right but what he really teaches is that it’s OK only in very limited doses (never slap a child in the face for example) for serious offences for a short period of a few years in childhood. (I’ve seen my friend Jeff Culbreath, exactly my age with four children, apply it in his household, humanely and fairly.) He would be as horrified by yanking out the hair of a 15-year-old and shoving her against a wall as I was! But again, the point here is that the state through the police wants you, free and over 21, to accept being treated by it like a stroppy five-year-old. Awful.

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