Thursday, June 16, 2005

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Pious and Overly Devotional*
I have friends who are orthodox Christians and radical leftists (and vice versa: Christians on the right who are so off-base theologically it astounds the mind).
By John O’Sullivan, an Anglo-Catholic gentleman in New Jersey who belongs to this place, possibly the last sound parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Newark. Its history is interesting: it began in 1914 as an Italian immigrant schism nothing to do with theology, one of a handful in the US caused by friction with the Irish-American Roman Catholic bishops (as happened with Ruthenians, Poles and other groups), almost all of which got co-opted by the Episcopal Church: Italian Episcopalians. This place pretty much kept its faith and practice intact though, but now it’s marooned in what used to be John Spong’s diocese, in the middle of liberal Protestantism where it doesn’t belong.

Speaking of liberal Protestantism, titusonenine via Whitehall reports that the United Church of Christ (the American descendants of the Congregationalists, the English Calvinists who were the Pilgrims in Massachusetts) are putting the lordship of Jesus up to a vote and it might not win. Archbishop Robert Morse says that Calvinism, a monstrous system, always shatters into Unitarianism; a while ago these folks caught up with that 200-year-old ‘post-Christian’, non-Christian offshoot of themselves.

There is a name for those who do not believe in the divinity of Christ, they are called: Non-Christian.
*Church talk used by selection conferences and theological colleges to put down (prospective) ordinands, usually for being Catholic or simply for — get this — being ‘religious’. The RCs do it too!

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