Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI
His Catholic vision
Good news item no. 1: Fr Anthony Chadwick has a blog.

Good news item no. 2: In which he wrote this (read it the other night; Benjamin Andersen blogged it yesterday):

Pope Benedict XVI actually intends to reunite Eastern Orthodoxy and High-Church Anglicanism (the parts without female clergy and theological modernism) with the Roman Catholic Church, nothing less! The changes in the coat of arms*, the Reform of the Reform, his many writings in favour of the traditional Roman liturgy - it all becomes clear. We are moving from the "ecumenism" we have known for the last forty years back to the heady days of the Malines Conference of 1923 (much of the preparation happened under Pope Benedict XV who died in 1922 – it fits). Why the new ecumenical alignment? Simply because since Vatican II**, it is been all talk, and nothing positive has been done except to secularise the whole of western Christianity. The multi-religion meetings of Assisi and other places are over, and so are the Buddhas on the altars, the Koran-kissing. It is now all about the Undivided Church of the future!
If all this is true, Holy Father, this blog is standing by ready to serve!

On streamlining sites and the advent of super search engines
More from Fr C:

I decided today to remove the Links page altogether, as surfers can find everything they want by using Google and other search engines. A Links page is only a courtesy to be of service to people, but it is also construed as giving support to people and organisations for which I am not responsible or personally linked in any way. So, the page has gone. I have also pruned down the liturgy page, since I am sick and tired of finding half the links no longer working. It now contains only internal links. Again, everything can be found by using search engines.
I haven’t entirely got rid of links lists but before I read this I came to realize the same thing and acknowledged it as I’ve been updating/cleaning up the design on several old pages (some as old as five years, which had atrocious HTML from when I was first teaching myself to write it) and taken a few pages down, including one with — gack — frames, giving you a leaner, meaner (LOL) site that’s more ‘on message’. It’s really the same message I tried to start out with at the end of 1999 (before getting distracted/sidetracked), dedicated to Catholicity, explaining the difference between liberality and liberalism and suspicious of big government. (Difference: I’m libertarian now and not an historical fantasist — search the blog for ‘T.S. Eliot’ for more on rejecting that as a political model.)

Spruced up for you, besides the RC, Anglo-Catholic and Orthodox pages linked above, are:

The Rosary

*I like the tiara! Better than the modern mitre he seems to prefer.

**Gack! These pages have banners and lots of pop-up windows! Hope you’ve got a blocker. I know — like V2 itself, Angelfire blows. To be fair, I know that you can pay them and get rid of all that but I decided that, with the number of hits those pages get, it wasn’t worth it.

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