Friday, June 24, 2005

Prince William is now the most academically accomplished member of the British royal family

‘Now I can read maps and everything.’

This link should work until the 30th June.

A master’s in geography?!

As much as I love the Old World, things like this combined with Eurovision can make one question its status as Greece to America’s Rome.

I have a feeling that some Japanese guy building a supercomputer is laughing his ass off right now.

To be fair, though, the Queen is far from stupid, an honourable, devout woman of the old school who keenly follows politics and could run Britain for real, and it’s been suggested that her son, the Prince of Wales, as King Charles III* would have the intrepidity to actually use the powers that in theory the Sovereign still has and sack Mr Bliar’s government over the war in Iraq.

*Who’s right about a lot of things, from liking the old Prayer Book and Eastern Orthodoxy to not liking modern architecture.

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