Monday, June 27, 2005

RIP Maricica Cornici
From Pokrov (watchdog group for abuse in Orthodox churches):

The bishop is responsible
From a Romanian newspaper, in broken English

And from Fr Joseph Huneycutt, one of the first to break the story:

Convent closed for good
It may be a case of too little, too late to save poor Ms Cornici but apparently, answering Mr Ciachir’s criticism, the apostolic ministry is in action in Romania and the (dismissed now-former) nuns who committed the crime ‘just don’t get it’.

The article goes on to say that the priest never finished seminary but was allowed to serve because of a priest shortage. The convent wasn't built by the Church, but rather by a lawyer. It was all of four years old. The four nuns involved in the incident, upon hearing that the priest was suspended and the convent dissolved, struck the bishop and therefore are not among those being transferred to other convents. Zeal not according to knowledge. The Church cannot keep all evil things from happening, but once they've happened, it's good to see the bishop say no, this is not what the Church teaches, this is not how such situations should be handled, this is not monasticism, this is not right.
- Ann Lardas, wife of a priest in the Russian Church Abroad

Of course they’re not being transferred to other convents anyway — they should be going to prison where they belong.

I maintain, though, that the bishops are partly to blame for letting Mr Corogeanu into the priesthood in the first place.

Unrelated to Romania but from Fr Joseph, quoting a sermon he heard recently:

People don't want the real Jesus. Rather, they want some sort of cosmic religious Barney [the purple dinosaur].
‘You can do whatever you want because I wuv you, you wuv me.’ The big smile balloon in the sky, as I’ve heard another priest describe this, for deists.

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