Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Three from LRC
Part of a great selection today:

The reason for the furore over Durbin
The PC gatekeepers (including neocons, who are really liberals) claim exclusive rights to the Hitler metaphor

Camp Gulag
Gitmo and the ‘conservative’ mania for torture, which disappointingly an RC message board (the Protestant religious right with the Novus Ordo and sacramentals added) largely defends as it stands with its puppet Führer, George Bush. I’ll believe Amnesty International instead. The only reason I posted in their Politics folder yesterday was because for some reason I couldn’t log onto Blogger for a few hours.

...sleep deprivation, intense noise assault, cigarette burning, water torture, beatings, humiliation [including being forced to soil oneself]. Deluxe wire cages are even included in the package.
Are being defended by people who call themselves Christians — even Roman Catholics! I am fairly sure that Pope Benedict XVI doesn’t sign off on any of this. Because this definitely isn’t Catholic.

That said I understand why people hate religion.

What’s worse than not being able to explain something is when you do explain yourself and the other person pushes on pretending he didn’t hear you. That’s a game that message-board types play a lot.

But on this board’s behalf I’ll say that being harassed by some Eastern-church types, left or right, is a lot worse: they break netiquette, get personal and resort to rumours (and even spoof posts and profiles in one’s name!). As aggravating and wrong as these people’s views, broken-record tactic and hectoring were, they stuck to the issues and didn’t go in for ad hominem.

More on mercury and autism

P.S. To ‘Max Majestic’ on the board, who vehemently denied Mr Durbin’s and Amnesty’s comparison, I’ve read both With God in Russia by Fr Walter Ciszek and Witness by Josyp Terelya and their descriptions of their treatment sound quite like what Amnesty found.

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