Saturday, June 18, 2005

Three from LRC
The wisdom of Robert E. Lee
No racist, a strong Christian (a Virginian Low Church Anglican) and a hero

Joe Sobran on the police
In my few encounters with them they’ve almost always been courteous and helpful (that goes for black and white officers, city and suburban), even when I was in the wrong (traffic stuff), except once a few years ago where I was in ‘a situation’ a little like Joe the younger, only about a dispute over a stop sign. I shouldn’t say ‘dispute’ though the bully cop, who worked on Philadelphia’s privileged Main Line and obviously resented the people there (thinking I was one of them — I just work there), tried bloody hard to make it one, insulting me to try to get me to mouth off at him so he could slap me with a $150 ticket and two points on my licence. I didn’t fall for it and played along (played dumb), letting him fume and bait me, but didn’t get a ticket so who really won that one?

The L.A. Times superficially looks at Our Lady
Papal devotion to her is nothing new; it was a signature of John Paul II’s reign. While I don’t hold to the Protestantized view of the writer I question exaggeration* as well — as part of liturgically conservative but sober, theologically grounded Mass-and-office Catholicism (not to be confused with creeping Protestantism) I’m actually a moderate Marian. She’s far more than ‘a nice lady mentioned in the Bible’ (the default Protestant view) but her importance is all relative to her Son: because she became the Mother of God. Her praying for us, etc., only matter because, chosen by God from her conception, she ‘doth magnify the Lord’ and is in no way a rival means of salvation (logically impossible). Jesus saves, Mary prays.

*A lot of which really isn’t traditionalist: Novus Ordo neocons including charismatists are into all that.

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