Saturday, June 18, 2005

Who I’m listening to
Bettie Serveert live at the North Star
This good Dutch indie rock band, really big about 10 years ago, and local bands the Jane Anchor (a keyboardless American version of the genre with kind of a garage vibe and a cute girl lead made cuter with hip little black-frame ‘nerd’ glasses) and the Bumrunners (hardcore stuff to spike your adrenaline) played here last night. The name of the last is nothing to do with gayness, explains another local musician, trumpet player John of Murder House (nothing dangerous really: a Zappa-ish experimental band). In the States it means underage people paying a tramp to go into the off-licence to buy them beer!

Anyway, the main act ruled and had the crowd literally stomping on the floor for an encore at 1.30 in the morning. Lead Carol van Dijk (vox and guitar, good at both — actually she’s originally from Canada) is pretty and a little exotic-looking (can’t really see that in this photo but it’s there, a look I like a lot anyway). The other visually striking member is the other guitarist (quite good), Peter Visser (standing in the background), tall and very thin with big black geek specs, very Euro and artsy.

My ears are still a little numb but it seems worth it.

All that and some more weisse beer: a great way to spend an early summer night.

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