Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Catholic faith
Bacon and sex: what Bible Christians believe about homosexuality
By the Revd Canon John Heidt
Whose son Fr Michael Heidt (search in this blog) I had the honour of knowing many years ago. This article — by ‘Bible Christians’ Canon Heidt is not writing from a Protestant point of view — answers the argument from people like Charles Bennison that the traditional ban on homosexual sex is something disposable along with the Levitical prohibitions of the Old Testament. (Hello? Epistle to the Romans? Oh, right. I, Chuck, erm, the church, ‘can change scripture and has many times’*.) It goes along with this, from the good old days of Pontifications before the Novus Ordo neocons took over the comments boxes, which in ways says what I believe on the issue better than what I’ve written myself.

*The part in inverted commas is an actual Bennison quotation, his perversion of the Catholic position that scripture is the church’s book, part of tradition.

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