Friday, July 29, 2005

Eastern churches
Fr George Maloney, aged 80, died 19th July 2005
Господь Бог помилует его и дасть ему вечную память. Just got this news tonight after Prof. Daniel Kavka’s funeral (see entry earlier today, two below this one). Wow. I was told the reason he switched churches after nearly 50 years as a priest (!) was that his order wanted to move him into a nursing home and he refused.

What a prolific writer, rather like the great Schmemann and Meyendorff: I’m still about halfway through Invaded by God (which I got from the library of Canon Robert Offerle when he moved), which is deceptively simple at first but each sentence needs unpacking so it’s slow going. For decades he seemed to be a profound interpreter of the Orthodox tradition for Western Catholics. Seemed a bit too accepted by the Novus Ordo folk but maybe that wasn’t his intent or choice. (The people who reject tradition turn patronising when it’s safely exotic like the Christian East, plus they can appear ecumenical.)

Here are some of his many other books.

Спасибо за всё, о. Георгий.

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